Caring for Problem Hair
Common problems that affect otherwise healthy hair like excess oil,
dandruff and split ends, can usually be alleviated or improved by the
the application of appropriate treatment.  Listed below are some
typical hair problems and their associated treatments.

Oily hair -  Hair follicles secretes sebum in order to lubricate and protect hair and skin. Oily hair is caused when the sebaceous glands produce an excess amount of sebum; in consequence hair often looks lank.

The solution to oily hair is to wash it as required and to ensure that you eat a healthy diet. Health eating involves reducing  fats/grease and  increasing the amount of fresh fruit, vegetables and water that you consume on a daily basis.  Also, try to avoid the natural tendency to over wash, brush and comb oily hair.

Dry hair - In contrast to oily hair, dry hair is often caused by the under production of sebum by the sebaceous glands.  Dry hair can also be caused by too much heat or wind from our environment or by coming into excessive contact with salty/sea water, heated styling appliances or perming and bleaching agents.

Dry hair should be kept clean and conditioned. Whenever possible, it should be allowed to dry naturally. Dry hair should be treated to an intensive conditioning or hot oil/wax treatment once or twice a month. 
See Hair Care.

Dandruff - Inaccurately, dandruff is often believed to be the result of a dry and or flaky scalp. In truth dandruff appears when the rate at which dead skin cells are shed and replaced speeds up. The result is  unsightly white flakes that accumulate on your hair, shoulders and clothing. It is usually accompanied by an itchy scalp. There are various views on what causes dandruff, these include that its a fungal infection, a result of poor health, a bad diet or that it is stress related.

The approach to treating dandruff is to use a gentle dandruff shampoo as directed and apply conditioner. Eat a healthy, get enough exercise and find ways to reduce the levels of stress in your life. If your dandruff persists consult your doctor.

Excessive Hair Loss -  It is normal to lose hair on a daily basis. Excessive hair loss can be caused by a poor diet, stress, a hormonal imbalance, harsh styling, eczema and alopecia to name a few. 

If you have excessive hair loss, ensure that you are eating a healthy diet, and getting enough exercise  and rest. It is also important that you find ways to reduce the levels of stress in your life.  It hair loss becomes a problem, you should see your doctor or trichologist.

Broken/Split hair - Unhealthy hair that is in poor condition is often prone to splitting and breaking, This condition is often caused by too much perming, bleaching or heat from heated hair styling appliances.  The misuse of styling appliances like poor quality brushes, combs and curlers will also result in damaged, broken and split hair.

Hair that has been damaged in this way cannot be repaired, the only solution is to cut it. Once it has been cut, the overall health can be improved and hopefully restored with the use of deep conditioning treatments and treating it with care. If you are going to perm or bleach your hair, you should ideally have it done by a professional. Alternatively you should ensure that you follow in manufactures instruction.

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