Afro Caribbean Hair Basics
Tightly curly hair, while predominantly found in the Black portion of the
world’s population of African origin, can also be found in other ethnic
groups e.g. Hispanics.
As a segment, this market sector has many specific hair needs. It requires products which add moisture, help to strengthen, protect, repair and
condition the hair, as well as to add lubrication and shine.
Hair Breakage
Chemical treatment such as relaxing and colouring, mechanical forces such as combing and brushing, and excessive heat during blow drying or styling.
Split Ends
Mechanical forces like combing and brushing hair. Insufficient conditioning. Sunlight, swimming pool water and chemical treatment can alter the hair and increase its propensity to further breakage resulting in cuticle abrasion, erosion, or split ends.
Strand Thinning
Chemical and thermal treatments.
Dry Hair
Lack of moisture. Hair is typified by curled hair follicles. It is difficult for natural sebum to migrate down the hair shaft, causing hair dryness. Chemical and thermal treatments cause hair shaft swelling, resulting in dry, dull, brittle-feeling hair.
Dry-Itchy Scalp
Product build-up, lack of moisture, sensitivity.
Varied Hair Texture
Cause: Hair is typified by curled hair follicles. These fibres are shorter in length and elliptical in cross section. Abrasion, and wear occur at the points of curvature.
Hair Trauma
Cause: Excessive brushing, back combing, stressed heat, hair weaving, and severe UV exposure.