How is your Smile?

Did you know . . . a knocked out tooth may be replanted if you act quickly? Don’t clean the tooth, just wrap it in a damp cloth and hurry to the dentist. If you can get there within 30 minutes you’ve got a 90% chance of saving it.
85. If you wear braces, get extra calcium. Adjusting the position of teeth can leave small gaps in the jawbone. These need to be replaced with new bone. Take it as a supplement or eat plenty of green leafy vegetables.
86. Your smile is one of your best assets. Don’t ruin it with bad breath.
Mouthwash does not kill the bacteria that create bad breath. Brush your
tongue and gums and use floss often. If it still persists, consult your physician.
87. Do you wear full or partial dentures? First, ask your doctor if your denture contains any metal. If not, place your denture in a safe container, cover with water and microwave for about two minutes. This kills more bacteria than soaking in denture cleaner.

88. Are your teeth discoloured? This condition will really detract from your overall appearance. Visit your dentist for a cleaning and ask for the whitening procedure. Or, try some of the new teeth whitening products you can use at home.