Louis Theroux - Cosmetic Surgery
November 2007

This article contrasts the views depicted by two LA Cosmetic surgeons in BBC 2’s Louis Theroux – Under the knife (broadcast 7th Oct 07).


Surgeon 1: Dr Stuart Linder – Board Certified Surgeon and self confessed “perfectionist with breasts….Like Picasso… an absolute perfectionist” He carries out 1000 implant operations per year and hopes to “boast confidence, maybe change lives”.


Louis talked with Adriana (Dr Linders 26 year old attractive receptionist who had already under 5-6 operations)  and then expressed concerns to Linder about the number of procedures she’d undergone. Dr Linder response:


“She’s happy, she’s so happy about her image… look at that stomach… this

is a flat beautiful stomach… her stomach had some skin hanging like you’ve

no idea… women care about how they look in the united states. I’m not sure if

they care about how they look in London, but they sure as hell do in this city…”


[mybodybeautiful.co.uk  says “The sad thing is you can see the lovely Adrianna having procedure after procedure in her pursuit of perfection, but never attaining it…”]


The conversation continued:


LT - “Did nature get something wrong when nature made woman?”


Dr L - “In LA woman feel nature did something wrong. I’m not the judge of what is right or wrong, only God is. I’m just here to help in the system that we have … especially in LA,  to make women feel good about themselves… if it’s what they want to do“.


LT –  “It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. The more Breast Augmentations, the more women with flat or small breasts feel inadequate, it is a cycle”.


Dr L – “That’s the way life is…so you’re saying if no women had breasts implants (they didn’t exist), that women would be happy with the way they are”.


LT – “They would be less insecure”.


Dr L “Welcome to Hollywood…it’s never going to change. . I’m very happy to help women improve their self esteem and feel happy about themselves… every singe day!”


LT – “We just agreed that part of that is making other people unhappy with themselves…those who haven’t had implants…..”


No response……


[mybodybeautiful.co.uk says “We’re sure Louis will not be on Dr Linder’s Christmas card list!].


Surgeon 2: Dr David Enron (a “lipo specialist”). Dr Enron carried out Louis’s Lipo suction procedure.


During LT’ lipo suction surgery with Dr Enron.


LT – “You’re obviously a talented Dr and you could have chosen any branch of specialisation … some people would say that of  all the things you could  be doing this is a  relatively superficial  thing to focus on”.


Dr E – “Yes.. and sometimes … sometimes I feel that….about not saving lives. Ironically I considered going into emergency medicine.”


LT – “So what is the satisfaction if it’s not saving lives”.


Dr Enron – “It’s doing a great job at what I do… providing a service…”


Later during Louis Post Op check-up


Dr E – “How are you feeling?”


LT – “It looks good. I  felt guilty at my own vanity… taking positive results from something to which I’d given nothing…no sweat or workouts”.  


EN “Those were your stubborn areas”.


LT “no, I think if I worked out in a gym…I could have made a significant improvement”.


EN – Disagreed


LT – “This industry is all about appearance. I worry it promotes vanity”.


Dr E  - Yes, you should not pay too much attention to it all. You need a good balance with everything.


[mybodybeautiful.co.uk says “Well said Dr Enron  !!!”]






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