Articles 2011
December 2011
We live in a culture where being thin is i) admired and ii) is the desired body shape of countless people. Interestingly, many individuals suffer from negative body image, despite the fact them they are slim and have the body that others envy. This is because body image is inherently personal.  Full Article
November 2011
Who are you? Many will attempt to answer this question by detailing the groups that they belong to or the roles/functions they perform. E.g. I’m female, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a nurse, a housewife, a member of the PTA etc . Interestingly, a blank confused stare is often the first response to the question, ‘what makes you, you? Full Article
October 2011
We have all been in situations where someone has turned to us for help. In this article we will look at a recent meeting that clearly illustrates the importance of listening, in order to provide optimal help and support.  Full Article
September 2011
Karen Lumley, our local MP, very kindly agreed to give my Body Beautiful an interview detailing her views on body image, the influence of the media and various associated topics. Interview
August 2011
This month’s article concludes the interview published in June (below).  The interviewee starts by saying. “I sometimes wondered if my overeating was just a habit or was there more to it. Was I hiding from something?  Was I trying to protect myself?  Someone once asked," what emotions are you eating?  They question really made me stop and think. Full Article
June 2011
This month’s article details a recent interview. The interviewee is a divorced mother of two in her early 40’s.  At the start of the interview the she shows me pictures of herself when she was younger. The pictures show her at age three, fourteen, in her late teens and during her twenties. She is particularly pleased with her physical appearance during her late twenties, when she was at university. Full Article
May 2011
A survey conducted in March this year, quizzed over 1000 (1057) 18-24 year olds about their use of internet porn. It found those who spend the most time using internet porn had the highest number of behaviour, relationship (upset partner) and work issues. Full Article
  • April 2011
    A resent survey, published in the US Journal of Counselling Psychology, has confirmed what most women intuitively know.  It found that the opinions of others, is most powerful influence on a women's perception of her body.
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    March 2011
    Many of us intuitively know that there are some problems that, with the best will in the world; no one will be able to solve. Although your confidants may not be able to provide you with a solution, they can have a powerful effect on how you feel, simply by listening. Full Article

    February 2011
    Nine out of ten women in the UK are unhappy with their appearance. Fifty percent would consider surgery  to alter their looks and three in four believe that being good looking will make you successful. A recent survey found that sixty percent of teenager girls would prefer be a glamour model, rather than a nurse, doctor or teacher. With these beliefs, is it any wonder that we are becoming a nation of beauty and appearance obsessed individuals. Full Article

    January 2011 - New Year and a new healthier you
    Happy 2011!  I hope your New Year has started smoothly. The start of the year is always a good time to inject some energy into your plans for a healthier you.
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