Articles 2010
December 2010 - Christmas Calories
I was watching one of the numerous diet shows on TV when someone said “every where you look, fat is calling”. With the current half price deals on chocolate, alcohol, biscuits and cakes of every description; we are not surprised that on average women gain 5lbs over Christmas. Enough weight gain for you to start to New Year struggling to get into your favourite pair of jeans or one dress size larger. Full Article
November 2010 - Ethnicity Interview Part 2
I didn’t fit in and I wanted to hide. I couldn't do that because of my colour, shape and size. I have never been able to wear fashionable clothes. Not even when I was younger and thinner, because I was big for my age and because of my shape, some fashionable clothes would never have fitted me.  Full Article
October 2010 - Ethnicity Interview Part 1
In this month's article, we document an in-depth interview with a black 38 year old married mother of two. She was adopted by a white family when she was 4 years old. In this and next months article, she poignantly tells the story of how she came to terms with her ethnicity and true self. Full Article
August 2010- Female & Male Body Confidence
The beauty and fashion industries have both been on the receiving end of very negative publicity recently. Both industries, it as been argued, are guilty of promoting an unrealistic body image to both females and males. Full Article
July 2010 - The ugly face of beauty
The days when cosmetic surgery was the preserve of the rich and famous are long gone. There are now numerous clinics offering cut price procedures (UK or abroad) and many come complete with finance deals to help their clients pay for it. £ 200 million per year is spent of cosmetic surgery, yet as many as 1 in 5 are unhappy with the results. Full Article
June 2010 - The absence of airbrushing
Debenhams has taken the first step into the unknown by launching a marketing campaign using images that have not been digitally enhanced. Full Article
May 2010 - Too Much Too Young
In 1979, the song "Too Much Too Young", by the Specials reached number one. The title is a very apt message for all those retailers who are choosing to market and sell overly sexualised clothing to young girls. Full Article
April 2010 - The Truth About 'Beach Bodies'
You are probably very familiar with the term 'beach body'. Do a UK Google search and it will return 632,000 pages of information, the vast majority of which comprise of  diets, exercise, tips and tricks that will help you achieve that elusive beach body that others will envy.  Full Article
March 2010 - A Black Princess
This week, I took a group of 8 year old girls to see 'the princess and the frog' as part of a half term day out. I sat and watched the film getting the greatest enjoyment from their absorbed captivated faces. Full  Article
February 2010 - Never Without Makeup
For this months article, we have interviewed a body image conscious women about her use of makeup. She is very concerned about her physical appearance and will not leave the house without makeup. Full Article
January 2010 - New Year Resolutions
The end of December is the time of year when I look back at my Jan 01 new years resolutions to see which ones I've managed to keep and which ones fell by the wayside.  Happily, this year I am able to avoid the usual depressing realisation that most of my resolution were broken within the first few months or even weeks.
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