Articles 2008
December 2008 - Self, Body Image and Wealth Obsession
I heard 'Fear' by Lily Allen yesterday and it struck a cord with me. It says a lot about our societies  self, body image and wealth obsession.   It's a thought provoking way to end this years articles. Full Article
October 2008 - Media Manipulation, Distortion and Lies
The sophisticated media which constitutes modern advertising and PR  (magazines, films, television, advertising ) plays a significant role in prescribing what we want (or think we want). Full Article
September 2008 - Self Objectification
Viewing ourselves from the 'outside' as through the eyes of others negatively affects a women's ability to self esteem, health, happiness and relationships. Full Article
August 2008 - Body image and the Olympics
The 2008 Beijing Olympics began last Friday on 8th August 2008. During next 3 weeks, we will be confronted with a plethora of super fit, toned and flexible bodies both male and female.  Full Article
June 2008 - Cosmetic Surgery Talk Over Lunch
Last week I was invited to lunch to celebrate a friends 44th birthday....After sitting down at our table the talk turned to cosmetic surgery,  which is a little different from the usual conversations centred around diets and how much someone had lost and / or gained. Full Article
May 2008 “Seeing is believing”?    Think again!
When it comes to the images of models and celebrities depicted in the media, particularly in glossy magazines, virtually all of them have been retouched  (airbrushed). This means that we are being deliberately presented with unreal images of 'beauty'. This undeniable truth leads us to ask the question, are we aware that we are being manipulated in this way…. Full Article

April 2008 Outlawing "Extreme Thinness"
The French Government are planning to outlaw “extreme thinness”
Western culture is often accused of bombarding and eventually indoctrinating women with unrealistic and dangerous images of beauty. Full Article

March 2008 From Feminist to ‘Ladette”
Not so long ago, the term feminism encompassed the empowering of women; in the home, at work and at play. The very word ‘feminism’ was synonymous with self worth, self respect and self esteem. How times have changed. Full Article

February 2008 Coleen's Real Women? I don't think so!
Coleen’s Real Women on ITV2 is an eight-part series in which we will witness Coleen scouring the UK in a bid to find “ordinary girls” to compete with professionals for the prize of being the model behind High Street brands.
Full Article

January 2008 The Tragedy of the ‘Yummy Mummy’ Myth
Women are becoming increasingly concerned with the way they look during and after pregnancy. It pains us to think that the most natural, beautiful and life changing experience of womanhood is now reduced to nothing more the mothers external appearance. Full Article