Articles 2007

November 2007 Louis Theroux - Cosmetic Surgery
This article contrasts the views depicted by two LA Cosmetic surgeons in BBC 2’s Louis Theroux – Under the knife. Full Article

October 2007 Beauty - Smoke and Mirrors
Almost every day, we hear that one celebrity or another is about to ‘tell all’ all of their beauty secrets. The secrets will be detailed in a daytime television program, this months must read magazine or in their soon be released book. Full Article

June 2007 Beauty in Society
This article lists a collection perceptive body image quotes. They are food for thought. Full Article

May 2007 Weight in the Media
"We don’t need Afghan-style burquas to disappear as women. We disappear in reverse by revamping and revealing our bodies to meet externally imposed visions of female beauty."  Full Article

April 2007 Body Image and the Media - Just an illusion
On a daily basis we are exposed to hundreds if not thousands of images; all supplied to us courtesy of the media. Full Article

March 2007 Forget zero size models!
Your are unique and wonderfully made. Don't let yourself or anyone else convince you otherwise. Full Article