About Us

Year by year the number of individuals partaking in the 'body beautiful' industry by undergoing cosmetic surgery, a health, fitness, beauty or hair procedure/treatment rises significantly.
In September 2005 research (YouGov) found that almost half of women and a quarter of all men in the UK would consider cosmetic surgery. The number of us willing to invest had doubled over the previous year, with 45 per cent of women and 25 per cent of men willing to consider it.
In Feb 2005 a survey found that more than one in four adults in the UK are trying to lose weight "most of the time".
Wonderfully Made!
Your body is miraculous in design .... it is also the only one you will ever own.
Everyone is unique. We have different skin colour, hair colour, body shape and size ... but we all look alike inside.
If you could glance inside your own body, what would you see? Over 200 bones, miles of blood vessels, and trillions of cells, all of which are constantly working together, in a sublime synchronicity to:-
    - keep you at just the right temperature
    - grow new skin
    - nourish every living cell
    - distinguish between different tastes & literally thousands of different smells
    - defend itself against internal & external attack
    - interact with the world using sight, hearing and touch
    - pump oxygen (life) around your body
    - enable your brain to feel, think, create and function
    - excrete waste
my Body Beautiful believes that when you begin to realize the extraordinary value and uniqueness of your body, that this knowledge will:
    - foster a deeper respect and appreciation for it and
    - inspire you to take the best possible care of it.