Body Image
What do you see and feel when you look in the mirror? Do you accept and nurture your body or is it something imperfect that you want to fix?  Are you secure in who you are and with your physical appearance? Do you love the skin that you are in?
This site addresses these body image and other body beautiful questions, issues and topics.  We are founded on three principle beliefs:- 
    1. The body matters.  Your body, with all its imperfections, is precious. It is also the only body you will ever have. We believe that a) beautiful bodies come in all colours, shapes and sizes and b) you should look after your body with loving care.
    2. The mind matters. The worrying growth in the number of unhappy individuals with a poor body image and low self esteem is testimony of this fact.
    3. The spirit matters. Our spirit has the ability to convey a profound sense of well-being and acceptance of who we are.  

Our goal is to help you to unquestioningly accept yourself and make the most of what nature has given you. We want you to highly value and care for your body, mind and spirit. This site contains a wealth of information to help you.